Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of connected physical objects that are accessible through the internet. The ‘thing’ in IoT could be a person with a heart monitor or an automobile with built-in-sensors, i.e. objects that have been assigned an IP address and have the ability to collect and transfer data over a network without manual assistance or intervention. The embedded technology in the objects helps them to interact with internal states or the external environment, which in turn affects the decisions taken.

An article by Ashton published in the RFID Journal in 1999 said, “If we had computers that knew everything there was to know about things - using data they gathered without any help from us - we would be able to track and count everything, and greatly reduce waste, loss and cost. We would know when things needed replacing, repairing or recalling, and whether they were fresh or past their best. We need to empower computers with their own means of gathering information, so they can see, hear and smell the world for themselves, in all its random glory.” This is precisely what IoT platforms does for us. It enables devices/objects to observe, identify and understand a situation or the surroundings without being dependent on human help.



Over the last 20 years, Cambridge Technology has been a leader in implementing cutting-edge IT solutions in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. Today, that includes being at the forefront of an AI-first Business. For years, experts have talked about the future of Artificial Intelligence, and at Cambridge Technology, we believe that future is now. Over three quarters of executives from around the world report that they want to incorporate AI into their business practices over the next 3 years, but why wait when the technology is already transforming every aspect of the way an organization operates?

How Can Becoming an AI-first Business Benefit You?

Becoming an AI-First Business means getting ahead of the competition and becoming a leader in your industry. It means a more personalized and seamless experience for your customers, from the moment they hear about your product or service to the moment they complete their transactions and beyond. It means more productivity from your staff. AI-First businesses have the technology to free their employees from monotonous daily tasks so they can tap into their creativity and focus more on the aspects of business that still require a human touch. Artificial Intelligence is not a one-size-fits-all solution, however. It incorporates numerous aspects of technology, platforms, and services tailored to meet your specific business needs.



Block Chain

Market leaders around the globe are actively adopting blockchain to create new business models and outperform the competition. We can help you become one of them. We help leading organisations from finance and banking, retail, logistics, healthcare and beyond successfully adopt blockchain solutions to transform the way they operate and deliver customer services. We make a comprehensive assessment of your business infrastructure, together with the market research, to gauge the opportunities and define what blockchain solution will help to optimise company operations and boost its productivity. Before the idea launch, we always make a rapid prototype that allows you to measure its efficiency and make appropriate adjustments, if needed.

We can help you...

 Cut the cost of business transactions

 Optimize your financial operations

 Reinforce your asset management

 Secure your financial operations



Industry 4.0 changes the rules of the game for manufacturing. Connecting real machines with information technologies and the Internet increases productivity. Companies that use new technologies for industry 4.0 are more competitive because they produce at lower costs and meet customer needs with more flexibility. One thing is certain: Industry 4.0 is coming. Companies that are prepared to implement industry 4.0 now will actively shape and lead the change.

Implementing Industry 4.0 in a New Line

Building up new lines is always a challenge – technically and organizationally. But it’s worth it. In the industry 4.0 environment, all useful information is available, at any time, in any location, making it possible to economically produce individualized products and small batches. Technology supports people better than ever before. Companies that implement industry 4.0 produce faster, with more flexibility, greater efficiency of material and reduced complexity and downtime.



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