CRM is an acronym for the term “Customer Relationship Management”, which is the practice of being both attentive and responsive to the needs of individual customer relationships through systems and processes. Strong CRM practices are becoming an increasingly important strategic imperative for businesses across every sector.

We have two CRM Products;

RayCRM Lite

It is an simple integration of MS Office Excel or MS Office Outlook tool and a sms plugin. You can easily maintain ,compose and send sms to required customers after login the application, and it have the following features;


       You can send sms to selected customers.


       It have customized widgets.

 Customer Contact:

     Simply managing your customers details with few fields, like Customer Name,    Company Name, Mobile No 1 & 2 etc.


       It shows various graphs with your contacts with any conditions.


       Shows various Reports.

RayCRM Standard

It is a valuable tool that can simplify your sales operations and improve efficiency. Using a good CRM tool you can close more deals, increase sales, and improve forecast accuracy. There are many studies from Garter and Forbes that state that if used correctly, a CRM can improve sales productivity by 30% and sales forecast accuracy by 40% for most businesses that were previously using excel sheets & emails for managing sales activities.

 Lead Management

 Contacts Management

 Organization Management

 Opportunity Management

 To Do



 Export &Import File

 2 Reports for each module

 2 Search pages for each modules

 3 Normal users (For additional users 5000)

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